Cabinet Refacing, is it right for my kitchen?

If the box core of the cabinet is sound and sturdy then cabinet refacing is a great option. Cabinet refacing is essentially, taking your old cabinet faces off and replacing them with new cabinet faces. Cabinet doors are clearly the most visible parts of the cabinet, you must be sure that the door you choose fits the style you are looking for in your kitchen. From Refacing to Reconditioning we have the solution for you. Here are some Options out there for you.

Full Reface

The is the concept mentioned above whereby your cabinet face frames and sides are covered with a thin veneer and the cabinet doors and drawer fronts are replaced. This is typically the most expensive cabinet refurbishment option since it involves the most extensive work and labor.

New Cabinet Doors

Re-dooring involves replacing just the doors of your cabinets. This can still achieve a big visual change since the doors make up most of what you see. The challenge here is getting new doors that are a good color match with the rest of the cabinetry including the drawer fronts. It’s not so much of an issue if you paint your cabinets along with the new doors.


Cabinet refinishing involves changing just the finish, with no door replacement or veneering. The cabinet doors are usually removed to facilitate the refinishing process. Two examples of refinishing include painting and stripping/re-staining. Another type of refinishing involves faux finishing and decorative painting. Special paint textures and effects are applied to the cabinets to give them a new look and feel.


Cabinet reconditioning comprises a deep cleaning and possibly touch-up of the existing cabinet finish. Over time, grease, dirt and oils collect on the cabinet’s finish and/or the finish coat itself wears off revealing spots of bare wood. Reconditioning refurbishes the finish so that it looks new or as close to new as possible. It’s the least costly cabinet refurbishment process and is usually the quickest and least invasive.

Any of these processes can be combined too. From Refacing to Reconditioning we have the solution for you. You can also call or e-mail us with questions about your kitchen project. We give free second opinions, if you send your kitchen plan/layout to us with a brief description of what you want. Call us at 205-871-2066 or email us

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